What We Learned From Week 1 Of The NFL Season

Every week in the NFL means a little bit more than a single game does in other sports, with the possible exception of the English Premier League.  After all, every NFL game constitutes about 6% of their yearly schedule, whereas baseball is closer to 0.5% and the NBA is just over 1%.  All that is to simply say, every game matters in the NFL. Continue reading

All You Need To Know About Parlay Cards

Parlay Cards Bets

Parlay cards have become a highly popular approach to the conventional sports bet – the city of Las Vegas claims that over $60 million are wagered yearly on parlay cards in their casinos. The appeal of parlay cards is easily understandable, considering that parlay cards offer the opportunity to earn a big payoff with only a tiny investment (potentially hundreds of times the initial wager). Continue reading

PPH Service Booking Experts

The PPH services without hassle, booking the customers sports bets. Millions of people are playing sports betting in the price per head betting houses. The price per head service is the paramount service bringer and this quality is making them trendy in the whole world. The iconic system they urbanized, they know that if sports betting service increase and develop or better then customers are also increase to booking for bets. The booking of sports bets is smartly deal by the price per head with customers. The PPH service comfortable do their job and it is easy for them because they love their work.   Continue reading

Equestrian Olympians

Zara Phillips Toytown Alterian Hillside Badminton

Zara Phillips – By Henry Bucklow, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s hard to believe that it’s more than a year since we all sat glued to our seats watching the London 2012 Olympics. As well as being a huge success for the UK in general, it was a massive success for Team GB and in particular the equestrian team, who scooped one individual gold medal, two team golds, a team silver and an individual bronze. Since the high profile Olympic success though most of the team have disappeared from public view, and given that the Commonwealth Games don’t have any equestrian sports, what are the Olympians doing until Rio 2016? Continue reading

The Four Most Valuable Trophies In Sports

4 Most valuable sports trophiesMuch ado is made about the salaries given to professional athletes, so it’s only fitting that the most expensive trophies in the world are also bestowed upon sports’ greatest heroes. No disrespect to the Oscar or the Grammy, but the price of those statues pale in comparison to the tens of thousands that go into producing major sports championship trophies. Below are the four most expensive trophies in all of sports and all of the world. Continue reading

Online Gambling Casinos

There are numerous amounts of companies who are dealing in the online betting practices. These companies are rendering their services through the online practices of internet. Betting companies are using the system of price per head for rendering their services. They are using different techniques of betting. PPH system is the most reliable and renowned betting system, all the bettors and gamblers are wanted to become a part of it. They are always seeking for the best kind of services for their hired betting service providers. Continue reading