How To Pick A Sportsbook

Sportsbook also known as a race and sport book is a place where a person can place bets or wager on sports competitions. The term sportsbook is used primarily in the US. As there are many sportsbooks available, it is often a confusing task to select a sportsbook. The number of sportsbooks available online is increasing at a very quick rate and therefore it is important for a gambler to weigh in all the options available carefully and select the best sportsbook. In this post, we will discuss about the steps and provide you with tips that will help you select a sportsbook. Continue reading

What Is A Postcode Lottery?

Postcode LotteryA postcode lottery is a modern version of the lottery. In the UK we have the National Lottery where you can buy a ticket and if your numbers come up you can win a lot of money. The postcode lottery uses your postcode as a way of determining who should win. It still pays out a lot of money, and there are district prizes which share money across entire postcodes. Continue reading

Lotto Winners

Lottery Winners

What can you do when someone slaps you with a US$380 million check? Well, don’t ask me either, I have no idea. Lottery jackpot records and games have always attracted the attention of lottery players and analysts.

Essentially, a lottery is a form of gambling run by states or organizations such as casinos and bars. Lottery games come in different ways, including instant scratch-off and win games, daily games and those that you have to pick a series of 3 or 4 numbers. The biggest games in the lottery industry include Mega Millions, Powerball and The Big Game. Continue reading