Professional Price Per Head Betting Services

Local bookies always find suitable ways through which they can make their betting life easy and convenient along with increasing more functionality. Players also demand something extra these days and this is the reason, the bookies need to take out the price per head services for meeting their bettor’s gaming desires up to a significant level with increasing their business as well. Players of the current era are much smarter than ever and the bookies who are not using the tools for sports wagering have very much chances for losing their money along with getting beaten on the stead basis.

A bettor always gets the chance to beat the local bookie with the major weakness that the local bookie cannot efficiently deal with the frequent line changes. After all, there are multiple outlets with most players for the wagering placements. They will perform shopping on line to line basis until they receive the best they like the most. Being a local bookie, if you are incapable of making significant changes with the betting lines all through the day, there may be chances that you get crushed by any smart sports bettor.

Price per head service bring a significant benefit to the sports bookies that the betting lines can not only monitored on the basis of their action, but they can also be monitored on the basis of the actions coming on at the national level. Lines services facilitates the direct feeds of the price per head betting programs and these line services can easily get adjusted automatically all through the day. It depicts that the line movements you are seeing here are as similar as you feel you are experiencing it in Las Vegas along with attaining them through all the major sports bookies working online.

Many of you may question as to using price per head service how can help the operation of your small betting business. Here, you should go in the past and think about the time when you received heavy loads on your initial lines and that too, on a single side only. You had to make several adjustments with the lines with jumping off the players from one line to the other so keep them satisfied up to a significant level. Later on, you may have found out that how bad the line was with several other bad effects to your betting business. This is somewhat you would never like to happen and will never happen if you are using the advanced price per head services from the experienced professionals.

Monitoring the betting lines for 24/7 is another significant feature of the price per head services as the players always get access to the gaming and betting website all the time. Hence, someone should be there for assuring the accuracy and sharpness of the betting lines. No sports bookies can remain available all the day towards watching as to what is going on at their back. All such things are facilitated through the price per head solutions and that too with affordable weekly fee only.

BY: Cindy Handler

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  1. It’s much too late now, but I had developed a modeifid Martingale system for chasing draws. Most draws are priced better than 2/1 (+200 in American notation, 3.00 in European notation), so it doesn’t take much too much of an increased wager after each missed bet. This is precisely the reason why it is less risky than the standard Martingale chase.Here’s how it works.For the first match, bet 1.00 unit on the draw. If the match is drawn, then you win the bet and start over at 1.00 for the next match. If the match is not drawn, increase your next bet.For the second match, bet a slightly increased amount on the draw. The exact amount is calculated by the price. If the price was 5/2 (+250 US, 3.50 EU), the next bet would be 1.20 units. If the match is drawn, then you win the bet and start over at 1.00 for the next match.For the third match, bet a slightly increased amount on the draw. If the price is 9/4 (+225 US, 3.25 EU), the next bet would be 1.87 units. And so on. The idea is that you blindly bet the draw in each match. For each time you lose, you progressively increase the bet, aiming to make up all previous losses and a small profit. Eventually, that draw will come and you will get everything back. Once you get the draw, then start the process over at square one.The only trouble is if you run out of draws. But history has shown there are still plenty of draws to come. Since 1978, every World Cup has had at least twelve draws and all but one in that time period have had at least sixteen draws.The problem is that you can’t really start the chase now. With the simultaneous game 3 s coming up for each teams, calculating the correct bet amount is tricky.

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